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Awards & Honors

2007: Since 2004, Professor Anil K. Gupta has been continuously listed among the most highly cited scholars in the entire field of economics and business by (a unit of Thomson Scientific Company). This list includes only 25 strategy scholars.

2007- : Appointed to the Executive Committee, International Management Division, Academy of Management (will become Program Chair in AY2007-08 and Incoming Division Chair in AY2008-09).

2006- : Elected to the Executive Committee, Global Strategy Interest Group, Strategic Management Society.

December 2006: Article by Peng & Zhou in Journal of International Management ranked Professor Gupta’s Academy of Management Review (1991) article as the #7 most cited article in the list of all articles on global strategy published worldwide in all journals during 1991-2000.

2006-2008: Guest Editor, Information Systems Research special issue on “The Interplay Between Digital and Social Networks” (co-editors: Ritu Agarwal and Robert Kraut).

2006-2008: Guest Editor, Organization Science special issue on “Innovation Research At and Across Levels” (co-editors: Susan Taylor and Paul Tesluk).

2004-2006: Guest Editor, Academy of Management Journal special issue on “Managing Exploration and Exploitation” (co-editors: Ken Smith and Christina Shalley).

2005: Winner, Best Paper (Runner-Up) Award at the annual meeting of the Academy of International Business.

2005: Appointed to the Editorial Board, European Business Forum.

2003: Appointed to the Editorial Board, Journal of International Business Studies.

2000: Included in the Academy of Management Journals’ Hall of Fame.

2000 (Jan-Dec): Served as a visiting professor at Stanford University. 1991-1992: Served as a visiting professor at the Tuck School, Dartmouth College. In 1986-1987, was similarly invited by the Sloan School of Management at MIT to serve as a visiting faculty.

1997-1998: Received the “Distinguished Scholar-Teacher Award” from The University of Maryland - the highest campus-level recognition given by the university to any of its professors.

1998: Second-time winner of the Allen J. Krowe Award for Excellence in Teaching, The Robert H. Smith School of Business, The University of Maryland at College Park. Also, rated as the #1 most popular professor in a Business Week magazine survey of MBA students at The Robert H. Smith School of Business, The University of Maryland at College Park.

1998: One of Professor Gupta’s 1984 Academy of Management Journal papers was included in the list of “The Ten Most Often Cited Articles Published in AMJ, 1958-95” by former editor Richard T. Mowday in “Celebrating 40 Years of the Academy of Management Journal,” AMJ, 40(6), 1997. Earlier, this article was also ranked as #2 in a survey of "The Fifty Most-Noted Strategy Works of 1980-1985" by Donald C. Hambrick of Columbia University.

1994: Ranked by Management International Review as one of the "Top 20 North American Superstars" for research in strategy and organization.

1992-1994: Appointed to the Executive Committee, Business Policy & Strategy Division, Academy of Management.

1991: Received the 1991 Glueck Best Paper Award, Business Policy and Planning Division, Academy of Management.

1989: Based on publications, citations, and peer rankings, a 1989 survey by Edwin A. Locke to assess the national academic standing of business school faculty placed Professor Gupta among the top 10% of all "Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, and Strategy" faculty (n = 571) in the 32 leading private and public universities in the country. He was one of only 5 associate professors ranked in the top 10% (n = 57). The remaining 52 were all full professors.

1989: Appointed to the Editorial Board, Academy of Management Review. Served till 1995.

1984: Received the Broderick Prize for Excellence in Research, Boston University.

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